Tuscany Kaleidoscopes

I am looking for a couple higher end galleries or gift stores that would love to show and sell my kaleidoscopes. Please contact me.

David Alan Corbin

Heading 5

Inspired by the lush landscape and majestic stone work in the quaint villages of Tuscany. 

Create, Explore, Capture.

Strong in appearance but delicate in function, these kaleidoscopes offer a  palette of colors and designs that are only limited by your imagination.  The rotating bowl allows infinite possibilities.

Kaleidoscope Information

A bountiful palette of color awaits your creative touch.

A rotating metal bowl with ball bearing turntable.

Bronze powder patina on metal viewing tube and bowl.

Hand-cut front surface mirrors.

Beautifully oiled hardwood bases.

Natural stones are cut, drilled, pinned and epoxied.

Sculpture has a totally natural texture and a protective lacquered finish.

Use your cellphone to capture and share your exquisite artwork.

Each kaleidoscope is a one-of-a-kind, as nature intended them to be.



The following are some of my Tuscany inspired kaleidoscopes. Unique stones, bronze powder metal bowl and scope,  

Pricing ranges from $250 - $495

Large Patio Kaleidoscope

Price  $1095.00

Contact me personally to view kaleidoscopes at my studio

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