David Alan Corbin

For years, stacking stones (cairns), have served to memorialize people, locations, a lasting friendship, or events. Or cairns are created as a marker of a forgotten path that needs to be experienced again.  

Having always been fascinated by kaleidoscopes, Corbin decided to bring back the timeless kaleidoscope with an added twist. Functionality, as well as an aesthetically pleasing structure, plays the major role in each of these pieces. A rotating bowl allows the viewer to participate in the creative process by adding their own elements into the kaleidoscopes thus creating infinite visual designs.  

The cairn kaleidoscopes bring out the beauty and serenity of the natural rocks and allow them to come to life. This sculpture features natural rocks carefully drilled, pinned, epoxied, and stacked to form a unique shape. Using stones, three hand cut glass mirrors, hardwood bases, and bronze powder coated metal tubes, Corbin creates a sculpture that will satisfy the viewer's appetite for an visual and stimulating experience. The natural elements add a zen-like feature to any decor.  


Use your cell phone camera to take stunning images and videos.

white hand.jpg
Heading 5

Strong in appearance but delicate in function, these kaleidoscopes offer a  palette of colors and designs that are only limited by your imagination.  The rotating bowl allows infinite possibilities.


A bountiful palette of color awaits your creative touch.

A rotating metal bowl with ball bearing turntable.

Bronze powder patina on metal viewing tube and bowl.

Hand-cut front surface mirrors.

Beautifully stained hardwood bases.

Natural stones are cut, drilled, pinned and epoxied.

Sculpture has a totally natural texture and a protective lacquered finish.

Use your cellphone to capture and share your exquisite artwork.

Each kaleidoscope is a one-of-a-kind, as nature intended them to be.



The following are some of my Cairne inspired kaleidoscopes. Unique stones, bronze powder metal bowl and scope,  






Large Patio Kaleidoscope

Contact me personally to view kaleidoscopes at my studio

Price  $1095.00

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